Tequila Taste of the Day: Chinaco Anejo

Dark, strong, a touch of citrus, exceptional, all things a tequila of this caliber should be.

Chinaco Anejo is one of those it goes everywhere tequilas that really deserves an adequate amount of time to open up. The label says it has been aged for up to four years in “government sealed and certified oak barrels,” so, obviously, it’s going to be a sensory explosion, not felt since Don Cenobio Sauza’s first batch of tequila landed in the states way back at the end of the 19th century.

It’s truly enjoyable over a long conversation, while brassy, typical mariachi trumpet music reverberates off the walls of the restaurant. The longer it mellows, the more sweet oak-like and leathery qualities I pick up on. The finish is rather caramel and its agave presence never really overwhelms. As far as balance, this anejo is on the fruitier, sweeter end of the spectrum. If it’s balance you seek, I suggest the snappy, coarser agave bite and more subtle touch of sweet oak its reposado hermano provides. However, as a nightcap, this tequila is great.

Price wise, Chinaco Anejo is very moderately priced, something to pick up for the sweet tooth tequila drinkers. Given its sweetness, it makes a great, simple pick me up. Pour one half shot, a dash of fresh lime juice, and a jigger of water into a shaker. Shake well and strain into a glass. Not bad. The lime juice complements the sweetness, while the water mellows out the stronger oak notes into a refreshing little cocktail. Perfect for a spring evening under a fading Fountain Square sun.


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