Tequila Taste of the Day: El Ultimo Agave Reposado

El Ultimo Agave tequila brand is owned by Hacienda de Oro out of Jalisco, Mexico, the most notable, important home of 100% agave tequila. Among its other brands are: Dona Jose, El Payo, and its namesake brand, Hacienda de Oro.

Directly translated, El Ultimo Agave means the Last Agave, perhaps a nod to the fact that it is the only Hacienda de Oro brand without any useful information on its website. Simply put, there is not a lot to be said about this brand anywhere online besides Tequila.net, a forgotten son, Hacienda’s Kevin McCallister.

Sipping El Ultimo reposado, you wonder why it gets no love. On the nose, it’s a bouquet of slightly stinging agave, moist oak, and floral qualities, such as hibiscus and rose petals. A nice sip recalls moist oak and sweet, pleasant agave that goes down ridiculously smooth with subtle vanilla and caramel notes. There is no burn.

El Ultimo Agave’s underdog status is reflected in its price, a grave mistake by Hacienda de Oro. Coming in at under $20 a 750 ml bottle, this tequila is a bargain of epic proportions.

It’s not the most terribly complex reposado out there, but it definitely has great depth to it. It’s got the right amount of agave on the nose for me, and it’s as sip-worthy as tequilas three to four times its price.

I take mine neat in a brandy balloon or whiskey snifter, but this would definitely make a great margarita or paloma with a dash of fresh lime and club soda. Just stay away from the sugary mix with this one; it’s got enough residual sweetness of its own. Overall, a great example of its style you’d look like a fool forgetting about. KEEEVVIINNNN!!!


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