Tequila Taste of the Day: 901 Silver

Smoky, earthy, diirrttyy pop. Oh, hell yeah. Timberlake’s got a tequila, ladies! And it’s pretty good. Not quite as good as blonde tips, see through cutoffs, chain necklaces, and ripped jeans, but, seriously, it’s really close.

To start, I could bore you on the number of celebrity spirit investors in America today, but that’s ridiculous. Instead, I will summarize in the sake of time:

Rich people invest. Celebrities are rich people. Because celebrities are rich people they invest.

901 offers one tequila, and it’s a “triple distilled” silver that JT would love you to shoot down or throw in an overpriced, undersized Manhattan night club margarita. For me, this brand falls into the category of a “lifestyle tequila,” along with Patron, Avion, and 1800.

While it’s targeted toward the young, feisty, urban socialites that used to refer to me as “GDI” in college while they dumped Bud Light all over my head at the frat party I now regret going to, it’s a lot more than just celebrity owner pushing a so-so product for popular people parties. 901 has some great qualities to it. It’s agave forward, as most silvers tend to be, but it’s got a fair amount of smokiness to it that I wasn’t expecting. Once it mellows in your glass for a little bit it goes down exceptionally smooth, with a subtle cooling effect and some faint juniper and flowery qualities behind it.

That’s about it as far as complexity goes. This one doesn’t have a tremendous amount to report back. But, if you want something nice for a fresh margarita or quick shot, this is worthy. Also, I see this melding well with fresh muddled fruit. Cook up a homemade simple syrup, muddle some strawberries, mix the two well and combine them into a rocks glass filled with 1 1/2 ounces of 901.

901 is a nice blanco tequila, something that has versatility to it. Shot, margarita, cocktail, 901 can handle that. It’s mellow, with a good amount of agave forwardness to it, while an unexpected, pleasant smokiness rounds it out with a faint floral finish. Not the most complex out there, but something a little different from someone you wouldn’t expect to own a tequila company. But then again, what does a tequila company owner even look like? Well, in this case, a pop singer.

While its “lifestyle tequila” approach can be a little off-putting, their website does offer a really cool and simple look at the process of making 901 silver, in something they call JT’s Distillery Tour. It’s worth checking out and is pretty informative as far as making silver tequila goes.


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