Tequila Taste of the Day: Sauza Hornitos

For its price, and considering its a 100% agave line, Sauza’s Hornitos is great. And, when the heat’s beating down in the dead of summer, you’ve got the day off, and you’re out back hosting a few amigos under the awesome new SunSetter retractable awning you’ve been waiting all winter to use, for the love of God, don’t crack a bottle of Sauza Gold for a celebratory pitcher of margaritas; use Sauza Hornitos. It’s a few dollars more per bottle but it is infinitely better. Across the board (silver, reposado, anejo), Hornitos makes a truly solid batch of easy margaritas for patio lounging.

If you just want to whip something up, get some Triple Sec, Mr. T’s Sweet & Sour mix, two limes, and a bottle of Hornitos, your choice. Completely fill a pitcher with ice. Then, pour in your tequila until it hits about the halfway mark of the pitcher. Then, with a pourer attached to the bottle, add about a ten count of Triple Sec. Next, add your Sweet & Sour, until it almost reaches the top. Squeeze in your two limes, which will help cut some of the sweetness, and stir well and enjoy.

Nice, huh? Makes the 94 degree day almost manageable. Or maybe that’s the SunSetter?

That’s the beauty of 100% agave tequila: It’s more affordable than you’d think, and it doesn’t induce those regretful Spring Break ’98 hangovers that have spoiled tequila and a week in Panama City for a generation of reluctant 30-somethings.

Remember, a few bucks more goes a long way when it comes to tequila. Sure, you can buy the pre-made stuff or the mixed, non-100% agave brands, but you’re doing yourself a disservice, especially when drinking under a classy retractable awning.




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