Tequila Taste of the Day: El Tesoro Anejo

With so many tequila brands vying for attention these days, it’s no wonder so many have stellar social media presence. While El Tesoro’s website may not work very well, as a trio of tequila bottles block the entrance button to their site, their Youtube channel offers a wealth of informative videos on the history of their product, harvesting the agave, distilling, aging processes, and so on. Watch it if you want a crash course on the production of high quality, 100% agave tequila.

As far as the product goes, El Tesoro de Don Felipe is a rock solid choice. They are the only distillery that distills to proof. Normally, tequila companies distill to 100 proof and then dilute with water to 80 proof. However, El Tesoro distills to 80 proof, avoids dilution, and wins our hearts with their penchant for purity — this factoid obtained from watching one of their Youtube videos.

On the nose, El Tesoro anejo has a slight smokiness to it, as well as faint vanilla, cognac, and sweet oaky qualities. Tasting El Tesoro anejo, you immediately catch the sweetness and a large dose of oak, with delicate citrus throughout, while its agave is very underwhelming, giving it a crystal clean finish. The mouthfeel is rather thin for an anejo but does not detract from the experience.

For drinks, this can be sipped, no problem — this is how I take it. But to hide some of the heavier woody notes, a simple tequila screwdriver is a must, as the citrus of orange juice melds remarkably well with the citrus notes of the tequila, subduing the strong oak — the strong oak notes are due to the fact that El Tesoro anejo is essentially an extra anejo, as it has been aged for three to five years — nicely to create a more balanced experience, with just a touch of that oak to remind you that you have a nice aged agave-based spirit in your glass.

The entire family of El Tesoro is fairly priced, readily accessible, and, most importantly, 100% agave. El Tesoro anejo is a great anejo to give to a novice tequila enthusiast, as its agave level is far less abrasive than many others out there. If it’s complexity you seek, this probably isn’t what I’d reach for. But for a simple sipper or easy drinking cocktail, you can’t go wrong grabbing a bottle.

For more videos from El Tesoro, check out their Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/eltesorotequila?feature=watch



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