Cerveza of the Week: Finch’s Threadless IPA

A pint can is born.

After nearly 170 unique design submissions to Threadless.com and over 32,000 votes, Finch’s Beer Co. has its logo for its new IPA that bears the name of the independent designer driven website. Here are some of the submissions that didn’t win, that are still pretty awesome.

In the end, the winning can went to desginer “che-se” (Sergiy Chebotaryov), whose mid-century modern, minimalist approach depicts a finch unraveling red string from around the top of the can, while on the other side a small plant that resembles, at least to me, this vintage ball clock stands alone. Not bad, che-se. I dig your steez. Are those hop cones?

OK, definitely great packaging, but how does the beer taste? Thankfully, quite good, as this is my favorite Finch’s beer to date, going down a tad more delightful than their Secret ‘Stache Stout, which, by the way, is still uber rad and in stock.

On the nose, a mix of tropical fruits (pineapple and mango) and bright citrus (tangerine and sweet orange) make for a great start. Sipping brings out the wonderful balance of this beer, as citrus melds nicely into a not too sweet caramel malting. The finish has a nice, slow bittering and eventual dryness I find highly enjoyable. This one brings you back, sip after sip, which is OK, as Threadless IPA comes in at a pleasant 6% ABV.

Creative collaboration, great fruity IPA, my kind of cerveza. Available now.


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