Tequila Taste of the Day: Cazadores Anejo

Don’t fear the dear; Cazadores Anejo is a bad mother hunter.

Although one of the more commercially viable brands of 100% agave tequila seen dancing around the sidelines of professional soccer stadiums and UFC octagons, Cazadores is much more than a targeted at aggressive sports fan’s spirit — I own no Ed Hardy, wear no chains, cologne or spike my hair, and I love this stuff.

From the Highlands of Jalisco, which gives it a more noticeably fruity flavor, Cazadores Anejo has been a staple tequila of our bar for over a decade.

Other popular highland brands include: Corzo, Corazon, Tezon, Muchote, Ocho, 901, Espolon, Milagro, Avion, Don Julio, and 7 Leguas, just to name a few — all of which are available, here at La Margarita.

Cazadores Anejo is a must have in any tequila fan’s collection. It’s complex, well priced, smooth as silk, and makes a great sipper.

On the nose, citrus, light caramel, a dash of cinnamon, white pepper and oak mingle nicely.

To taste, subtle and constant oak works underneath throughout, with citrus and caramel reappearing. The finish is long, smooth agave, with floral qualities and honey becoming more apparent with time. Savor this — I implore you. This is a master sipper. And what I love best about it is the balance. The agave and sweetness work in harmony, never letting the other overwhelm.

I really can’t say enough about this tequila. While I am already partial to highland tequilas, the taste on this one is just so hard to replicate. Overall, it’s a wonderful experience for anyone who wants to take tequila seriously.

It may not be the end all anejo tequila, but it’s relatively affordable, complex and unique, and so damn smooth.



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