Tequila Taste of the Day: 3 Amigos Organic Silver

That’s it. I’m going full organic, amigos. I’m tired of the man and his chemical conditioning. Stuff”s about to get real green up in here. And the first place I’m starting is my tequila.

Looking up at our shelf, I know I can do this; I’ve got quite a few choices at this point. The whole lineup of Casa Noble is tagged as certified organic. Tierras Reposado is, too. What about 1 and 2 Certified Organic? Hmm. All great choices, no doubt. Let’s check the cabinet. What’s this 3 Amigos Organic Silver? I’ve had all the others, but somehow this one’s been evading me for quite some time now, obstructed behind a pair of half finished Chinaco Reposado bottles.

A near two ounce pour into a brandy balloon reveals a nose of strong agave, floral notes, and an earthy, almost nuttiness. A first taste puts up a slightly stinging agave fight that is both hot and sweet. As it mellows, it goes down far smoother as sweetness starts to take over, way less abrasive than the initial nose and taste suggested. Given a moment longer to rest, the sweetness starts to rise further, a velvety, sugary agave taste dominates the senses with underlying, slightly spicy white pepper near the end.

Wow, this is pretty good. Complex? No, not really. But it’s something that’s really easy on the palate and on the sweeter end of the silver spectrum. If you’re already into silver (blanco) tequilas and have been or are just now because of this post thinking about venturing into the world of organic tequila, 3 Amigos is a good place to start — not to mention the people making this stuff are great.

This is pretty solid alone as a digestif, but fresh lime and a splash of agave nectar and club soda would have no problem getting along with this one in a margarita. Overall, this organic silver gets an USDA Organic seal of approval, as well as my own: A bright, sweet and smooth blanco, void of the man and his chemicals.


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