Tequila Taste of the Day: La Cava Del Mayoral Reposado

First Friday and Cinco de Mayo occur on back to back days this year. Oh my god. It’s going to get real crazy around here, real soon. I probably have better things to do in preparation for said events, but all I really want right now is to tell you about La Cava Del Mayoral’s reposado.

On the nose, rose petal, vanilla, caramel, brandy, mild tobacco, and some faint citrus notes can be found. The longer it warms, the heavier the caramel and vanilla notes become, with the agave settling in nicely behind it all.

The first taste reveals cognac, fine cigar tobacco, sweet oak, and faint vanilla and caramel. As I come back to it, woodier tastes start coming on stronger.

The mouthfeel is spot on, and it goes down with a quick agave bite followed by a long, oaky, sweet finish, that eventually dries nicely.

This is a good reposado. It’s fairly deep and darker than I had anticipated, and is probably best served as a sipping tequila in a brandy balloon or whiskey snifter. If you’re seeking more information on this one, let me know where you find it. Finding valuable information on tequila can be so damn tricky at times. No matter, though, this is definitely something to give a try next time you’re in the restaurant.



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