Tequila Taste of the Day: Cinco for Cinco

Five tequilas to consider for an extremely satisfying Cinco de Mayo.

1. 1921 Reposado — Commemorating 100 years of Independence (not Cinco de Mayo!), albeit only a year after a Revolutionary War, 1921 reposado has notes of caramel, vanilla, slight earthy flavors, as well as pepper notes, with a somewhat pronounced bite at the end. Great for sipping and commemorating the independence of Mexico.

2. Gran Centenario Anejo — Sweet and citrusy, an anejo for those looking to venture into the world of aged tequila at a highly affordable price. When we first started expanding our tequila collection, this was my go to. It’s thicker than most tequila out there, so you’re best off just sipping away at this one, too. But the caramel-y, maple syrup tastes, complimented by the light oak and vanilla, are outstanding once the initial citrus and floral notes have passed.

3. Corzo Silver — A margarita’s tequila. Keep it simple, as usual — you want to be able to still taste the tequila, which has light pepper-y and herbal notes. So, for your margarita, go with: tequila, some agave nectar, fresh lime, and a dash of club soda. You’re good to go. Enjoy your cocktail on the patio!

4. Casa Noble Reposado — perhaps the perfect reposado — not just organic reposado — Casa Noble reposado is well respected throughout the tequila aficionado landscape as a tough to beat interpretation of its style. Despite its popularity in the inner-circles of tequila nerdom, where slow sipping is prefered, Casa Noble reposado makes a great margarita, too. No matter how you take this one, though, delight in its nose of wood, cinammon-like spice, and caramel, its taste of vanilla, mild tobacco and earthy notes, mellow agave, and its extremely smooth, sweeter finish that seems to last forever. No bite on this one, at all.

5. Herradura Selecion Suprema — the Don Tequila of Cinco de Mayo, for the adventurous aficionado, looking to both impress and delight friends and their palate. This one comes served in a Riedel champagne flute with super thin walls, to help intensify the complex aroma of this extra anejo. Don’t rush this one, and feel free to pass it around the table to give all your friends a taste. Your interpretations will vary vastly, with some picking up the fruitier (berries), lighter notes, while some will detect the stronger, darker notes (all spice, fig, caramel). Perhaps the best thing about this extra anejo tequila (a tequila that has been aged no less than three years) is the finish, which is warming, with no alcohol burn, and miles of vanilla.

Happy Cinco De Mayo. Enjoy your day, Puebla’s celebration of an early victory during the French Intervention in 1862.


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