Tequila Taste of the Day: El Mayor Blanco

El Mayor Blanco it is, amigos. I’ll keep this one simple:

Super earthy and peppery on the nose, and slightly medicinal.

The first taste is sweet, followed by a flowery middle and clean agave finish, with just a slight burn.

El Mayor’s Paloma Recipe

This blanco really asks to be mixed into a cocktail. To the left is a recipe from El Mayor’s website for a paloma, but I think fresh grapefruit would work better in this instance. So here’s an alternative, fresher recipe.

Fresh Grapefruit Paloma

Juice 1/4 of a large grapefruit and half a lime into a tumbler filled with 1 1/2 ounces of El Mayor Blanco, add a splash of club soda and give it a quick shake. Strain it into a high ball glass filled with ice and enjoy — the rim can be salted if desirable.

For past tequila tastings, click here. And we look forward to having you at La Margarita Fountain Square soon. Salud!


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