Tequila Taste of the Day: Espolon Reposado

Espolon Reposado Label Art

Artwork alone, I love this tequila. They’ve re-branded themselves substantially. And, thankfully, the taste has not suffered because of it.

Espolon’s Former Self, a much drabber look for the brand.

To the left is an older bottle of Espolon reposado, its former, mundane self, a relic of its generic, indiscernible past, so traditional it would have to been recommended to seek out.

Now, however, with Landor Design’s blessing it has become an unavoidable center piece, a mural of Dia de los Muertos-style art that turns any bar top into a miniature exhibition on the cultural impact of the dead and the country’s independence.

For what it costs — which really isn’t much, considering it’s essentially a unique 750 ml bottle of alcho-art — Espolon reposado is rather good.

On the nose, I immediately catch rose petals, juniper, mixed herbal notes, and faint caramel, an outstanding bouquet of aromatics.

The initial taste is woody, which is instantaneously relieved by huge citrus notes. On the back end, a delicate prickle from the agave and sweet caramel and lime round out the sip. The finish is pretty long and eventually somewhat dry.

This truly is an outstanding example of what a reposado should be: It has the nose of a silver with just a tinge of caramel and a taste that resembles a lighter bodied anejo.

I highly recommend this to anyone serious about their tequila. And I recommended it as a sipping tequila: Even though it’s not too complex, its tight selection of flavors work extremely well together. And that, to me, is something worth savoring.


For good measure, the label art on Espolon Silver.


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