Taste of the Day: Don Julio Reposado

This had to be the next tequila I tasted. People have been ordering it a lot lately. It’s all the rage. I swear. And here I’ve been, sitting back, sipping something else, looking like a complete fool.

I  will not be a fool; I will taste Don Julio Reposado and people will like me.

On the nose, Don Julio Reposado is floral and earthy, with a strong agave presence. The first sip is sweet and warming and woody — there’s cinnamon at work in here, too, people. However, the longer the Don rests, the more I detect berries (raspberries and cranberries) and even a faint cocoa-ness. The textue is pretty phenomenal, very velvety, with no brace or bite at all. And I definitely detect a slight nuttiness to go along with the long dry finish.

I  prefer my reposados as stand alones, but I definitely see why this makes a great fresh lime top shelf margarita with something like Gran Marnier behind it. Overall, this is just another great reposado. It’s genuinely complex. And, from start to finish, I’d have to agree with the hype: Don Julio Reposado is well worth ordering, if you want to be cool.


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