Tequila Face-Off: The New Reps

Finally, right? We all knew a Venn diagram was coming.

And for the first installment, I’ll be contrasting and comparing a pair of new tequilas to our shelf, both reposados, yet, in a lot of ways, two extremely different interpretations of the style.

First, and on the left of the diagram, Señor Frog’s Reposado, the vacation, party, have-a-good-time tequila that bears the name of a tourist-attraction chain of restaurants that can be found throughout Central America, Mexico, and a few spots in the states.

To the right, 123 Certified Organic no. 2, also a reposado and, perhaps, at least in name, mission, and scale, the antithesis of Señor Frog’s (Currently, a pair of Señor Frog’s restaurants can be found out on the high seas aboard cruise ships.), the conscious choice for the conscious, perhaps introverted and somewhat snobbish, consumer.


Overall, both tequilas satisfy. Señor Frog’s isn’t as complex as 2 Certified, but it does have that highly enjoyable peanut brittle quality to it that evokes warm memories of hanging out at grandma’s house. Further, Mr. Frog leans more towards a silver, while 2 is more in line with an añejo.

Having said that, the ways in which the pair contrast are what made this Venn valuable. Aside from the honey-like and nutty qualities both possess at varying levels, their similarities were rather typical of most reposados, showcasing earthy, agave, and oak notes. 2 had a lot of bright and lively fruits to contrast its darker qualities, that, when combined, created quite a unique experience. On the other hand, Señor Frog’s had a great minty and herbal quality to it that was pretty refreshing and bright, which complimented nicely with its citrus notes.

As for a preferred reposado, I will say this: I’d go Señor Frogs for a margarita and 2 Certified Organic as something to sip and savor. No matter preference, though, both are now available at La Margarita Fountain Square.



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