Taste of the Day: KAH Añejo

Happy National Tequila Day, amigos!

To celebrate, let’s take a look at KAH añejo, the Day of Dead inspired tequila brand that comes in skull shaped bottles, the same skull bottles everyone confuses with Dan Akroyd’s skull bottled vodka.

On the nose, KAH añejo is truly phenomenal. It’s warming, with a laundry list of aromas to run through: rose, honey, earth, fig, lemon, candied plums and oranges, leather, white pepper, vanilla, caramel, and constant yet mellow oak. And I’m sure there’s more. This is only what I picked up on. Hopefully that alone encourages you to try this out. Quick, to taste.

The first sip hits you as oak, with lime and agave rushing through. Caramel relieves the agave, and KAH añejo finishes quicker and drier than the añejos I’m accustomed to. And while the taste isn’t nearly as remarkable as the nose, I wouldn’t have expected it to be: The nose is truly one of those unforgettable experiences — it’s two paragraph worthy, folks. Trying to sort through the layers of aromatics make this quite an impressive sipping tequila to share with someone else — they’ll definitely pick up on somethings you’d otherwise overlook and vice versa.

As far as a recommended serving style, I’d say let this be. Have it on the rocks if you so desire, but I’d take mine neat every time. Also, this añejo isn’t as sweet as it sounds. So, while it’d make an appropriate digestif or dessert tequila, no problem, I’d also have no problem having a second or third glass over the span of an evening.

KAH Añejo earns high marks in my book. It’s a highly affordable añejo with an outstanding nose but never completely overwhelms the senses as other añejos might.

Look for it on our tequila wall. I’d be happy to pour you a glass and discuss.


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