Taste of the Week: Don Abraham Reposado

I was going a little crazy there for a bit. I hadn’t reviewed a new tequila for quite some time, which really means I wasn’t drinking enough tequila. Which leads me to believe my quality of life was starting to suffer.

I’m back though. And I’m quite relieved. Don Abraham Reposado has taken me out of my funk and firmly situated me back into a life full of extravagance, luxury, beautiful woman, and overall satisfaction. I appreciate it, Don.

Don Abraham offers up a strong agave nose, with caramel, pine, honey, and floral notes helping build complexity on top of the lightly stinging agave surface.

A taste gives way to a velvety front of citrus, mellow agave, light oak, pepper, and nuttiness.

The finish is very smooth, somewhat long, and somewhat dry. It’s a sipper, margarita and paloma-handler and all-around steady-does-it reposado, drawing its aroma, flavor, and finish from both ends of the tequila spectrum.

With a rather strong nose, some may be turned away, eliciting memories of forgettable tequila transgressions. But stick with this one and let the taste change your mind.

I’m back. And I cannot wait to enjoy and share more tequilas with you.



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