Not Too Terribly Fancy New Years Eve Party

Look, there are a lot of fancy places you could go for New Year’s Eve. And I’m not one to fault you for attending a stale, suburban party with even staler, subpar salsa, or even staying home and getting to sleep early because it’s a Monday night. But, if you want an alternative, one that’s not full of itself, one that’s not your bedroom, or a basement in the ‘burbs, and one that’s perhaps a little too tequila happy, we’ve got you. Here are our specials:

$13 for a Champagne Margarita and Order of Tacos Al Pastor (1 order per person, please!).

$8 Orders of Tamales!

$7 Champagne Margaritas

$4 All Draft Pints (Fountain Square Big Nuggets IPA, Three Floyds Alpha King, Three Floyds Jinx Proof, Fountain Square Porter)

$4 1800 Silver Shots

$4 Backbone, Bone Snapper, Harrison’s Bourbon, Jameson, Indiana Vodka

$2.50 People’s Pilsner and Mound Builder IPA bottles

Look, those are some great drink specials, and an awesome three adobo-marinated pork and pineapple taco/handcrafted bubbly cocktail meal. But, by all means, find other plans.


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