Now Hiring Experienced Workers

With Spring and Summer eagerly approaching, La Margarita is now taking applications for all front of the house applicants.

We are looking for experienced servers, bartenders, hosts, and bussers.

Applicants should be, first and foremost, excited to be an integral part of the Fountain Square community, the type of persons who are invested in the neighborhood’s potential and its focus on independent, small, and honest business, people who are willing to be ambassadors of the neighborhood to customers and those unfamiliar and or new to the area.

Further, applicants should be: knowledgeable of the downtown dining and bar scene; aware of downtown’s various neighborhoods (able to guide people to various attractions and offer firsthand experiences at various events, areas, and destinations around downtown); must be appreciative of Mexican cuisine; knowledge of tequila and craft beer is especially sought; able to work well with a slew of unique individuals; not discriminate against anyone’s sex, race, sexual orientation, or age; and able to work flexible hours.

Rude, pushy, demanding, controlling, angry humans need not apply.

Application is available for download here: (application).

Feel free to drop applications off here at the restaurant starting today during business hours.


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