Cerveza Artesanal

With no domestic macro and a handful of Mexican beers, we’ve spent most of our allotted beer worrying time working on a constantly evolving list of truly unique brews.

We have but 10 taps at La Margarita, yet almost daily something new appears on one of those taps — we’ve had over 700! unique beers on tap in just over four years.

Current Tap List (Thursday, March 24th)
18th Street Rise of the Angels (DIPA with Grapefruit)
18th Street Bretta Back the Funk Up (Brett DIPA)
Omnipollo Perikles (Oat/Wheat Lager)
Three Floyds Rabbid Rabbit (French-Belgo Style Saison)
Brooklyn Summer Ale (Sunny Pale Ale)
Bare Hands Thai P.A. (Thai-Spiced IPA)
Three Floyds Look the Witch in the Eyes (Engulf Yourself in Oceans of Crimson!)
Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils (Czech-Style Lager)
New Day Breakfast Magpie (Raspberry Espresso Mead)

Downloadable Beer MenuCURRENT-BEER-MENU



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